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19 December 2009, 4:59 pm
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Life with a medium large puppy incontinent omnivore is even more chaos than I imagined.



Yeah, I’m speechless.  I think I’ll let the pictures fill out this post with the proverbial 1,000 words each.

Do you recognize this?

Oh, THAT'S what it's supposed to be


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TV is over-rated…read a book – to the goats even!

Comment by Heather

Remind me, how fluffy is she? Would she make a good rug?

Comment by aliasmother

Not. Fluffy. At. ALL. Short-haired omnivore with no redeeming qualities that I can think of right now. Srsly. What the hell kind of dog eats a freaking remote control?

Comment by waltzinexile

Was she channel burping afterwards?

(That was terrible…even for me.)

Comment by Allison

punishment for watching the ‘dog whisperer’?

Comment by john

I’d say you might be on to something with this idea, but she’s indiscriminate. Telephones, stuffed animals, tupperware, Christmas ornaments WITH THE HOOKS STILL IN THEM, sponges, carpet, furniture….the list of things she won’t eat is shorter: tomatoes.

Comment by waltzinexile

There are days (lately – so many) when I think I’d eat the remote as well – especially driazzled with a little olive oil and parmesan cheese.
P.S. Merry Christmas to you and your Goats!

Comment by smalltownsmalltimes

You haven’t posted in a while. The dog hasn’t eaten you, has she?

Comment by Bejewell

[…] Family, For Fun, Getting Old Sucks | Tags: Family, Kids, Marriage, Metablogging, Self-Indulgent No, Beej, the IO didn’t devour me. Tried to, but I prevailed.  Pretty much like the holiday season, come to think of it.  Yet I live […]

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