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PSA #2
9 July 2010, 12:11 pm
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I cannot take it any longer. The word only has three damn syllables, people.

Now, I know that some people don’t understand phonetics. So to make this easier, I’m linking to the audio pronunciation.

Click HERE (and make sure your speakers are on.)

Now go back and listen again.

That “r” sound – it doesn’t come after the “t” (like “intricate.”)
It doesn’t come after the “e” (like “interval.”)
It comes in the last syllable.  After the “g.”
(Is it just me, or does that sound like an Erica Jong title?)

Next time, “promissory.” (No, it doesn’t have an “a” in it.)

Note: this post probably doesn’t apply to any of the people who read this blog (um, assuming there still ARE any people who read this blog [which – big assumption, I know.]) I know that you don’t need this little tip. Perhaps, though, you can all save the audio file to whatever handheld devices you have, and carry it with you , and employ it whenever you have occasion to…?


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You and me, sister, are two peas in the pod on this word. You’d be preaching to the choir if we believed in anything that would take us to a choir-like location.

Comment by Marzie

Just wanna say,… enjoyed!

Saul Dr.

Comment by bloggercsstemplate

Actually, I think it’s only 2….?

Comment by Jessica

What about FUStrated…that one always slays me.

Comment by IzzyMom

IzzyMom – Who says that?!?!?!

Comment by waltzinexile

Oh, IzzyMom. Ya gonna make me cry. My husband says “fustrated.” And I die a little bit inside every time he says it.

(He had a lisp involving R’s and L’s well into his tween years, so I don’t get on him about it. But I still die a little.)

Comment by Cynical Nymph

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