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21 August 2010, 7:11 pm
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See, the thing is, I’ve been busy, trying to fix something.

But it turns out, I’m not sure what’s broken.

Except me.


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So not broken. So… evolving. Metamorphosing.

You’ll be lovely when you’re done.

We all will be.

Till then, just remember nymphs get growing pains.

Comment by Marzie

*pops popcorn*
*sits down*
*gets out notepad*

Okay, ready to figure this out with you. Let’s get crackin’.

Comment by Cynical Nymph

I feel the same way sometimes. Very much the same way. I had such a good time with you when we visited. I think maybe you would be much more fixable here.

And if not we’ll add liquor and euchre to the mix and see if that helps.

Comment by Corrina

Sometimes, you just need to tilt your head a bit and look at things from a slightly-different angle. That’s when you realize that nothing is really wrong at all… not with you, not even with your life… you just needed some new perspective to see all the awesomeness.

*gets out mirror*
*turns it to face you, at just the perfect angle*


Comment by GlamKitty

I have the best friends, ever.

Comment by waltzinexile

Babe, we’re ALL broken in one way or another. It’s the broken bits that make us who we are. ANd I think you’re kinda awesome.

Comment by Bejewell

I suspect that broken is the wrong word, but even if it’s not: broken is fixable. Let us help.

Comment by aliasmother

Thanks – I’m trying to figure out where to even start. Of course, then I get to thinking about how self-indulgent it is to sit around wondering why I’m so unhappy, and that just leads to further discontent with a heap of self-loathing and next thing you know the downward spiral/snowball/insertanothermetaphorhere takes over and nothing has happened, and nothing continues to happen. And then I think maybe I just need to get the hell over myself, you know?

Comment by waltzinexile

Ditto Beej. You? Rock. Hope you slog through the messy soon. xoxo

Comment by blissfully caffeinated

I’ve been busy(-ish) trying to fix things, too. Then I turn on Bravo TV and realize it ain’t THAT broken. Chocolate and vodka have the same effect.

P.S. Your not broken, I swear.

Comment by Jodi

OMG – Why do I keep checking this blog? Am I that lonely that I just keep checking, hoping that you’ll be here? I need to get off the chair and push away from the laptop.

Comment by small town small times

Because you are awesome and faithful and optimistic, and I suck…?

Comment by waltzinexile

I’ve come by a few times to see if you’re back…and you’re not. I didn’t know the back story of your post so I didn’t comment before but regardless, I just wondered how you are doing. Better or better-ish, I hope 🙂

Comment by IzzyMom

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