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1 December 2010, 12:18 pm
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I’m with del Amitri: I’ve had enough bad news to last a lifetime. The holiday season is upon us and I’m in need of an attitude adjustment. I’m even willing to take the first step myself. Here’s MY contribution:

I know the Senate hasn’t voted yet but I’m so very very tired of being pessimistic/cautious that I’m leading with THIS: CLICK ME! CLICK ME!

Your turn. Please leave any/all good news (personal, regional, global, I don’t care so long as it’s GOOD. NEWS.) in the comments. No, really. PLEASE. I need this, people. It’s only the first day, and I’m already with Adam Duritz:


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The first day of December is warmer than the last day of November was by about 20 degrees.

That’s something, no?

Also, this weekend launches my town’s small-town, Rockwell-esque holiday extravaganza, which means a tree lighting, Santa visit, a puppet performance of the Grinch, downtown Midnight Madness sale, and three local craft fairs all within the span of two days. Seriously, I’m thinking about writing up a schedule to fit it all in.

Why don’t you come visit and join me?

Comment by Cherie

Can we get a raincheck on that visit? We’re sorta booked this weekend but I really really really wanna do small Rockwellesque town sometime…

Comment by waltzinexile

Love you, but +really+ bad week to ask. Good news: You aren’t me!

Comment by Elizabeth Trudeau

For the love of Dumbledore, woman, HOW HAVE YOU BEEN!? Wait. Don’t answer that this week. But soon…?

Comment by waltzinexile

Um, not good news, but amusing side story? It’s cooling down here (finally) and the boys decided on the way to school that they would like hand-knit hats for tomorrow. Both of them. They drew sketches. So yes, my sons expect me to design and knit two hats on the fly today in between laundry and Sams and cross country practice and…

I’m nearly done with the first one.

Comment by Corrina

First snow of the season today!

Comment by Natalie

True here, also, Nat!

Comment by waltzinexile

I finally got the green light to dump GoDaddy’s hosting and go back to LiquidWeb’s hosting. Look, it’s not much, but I am amped, so it counts, right?

IDK. I survived two Thanksgiving celebrations? Um. Yeah. I got nothin’.

Comment by Steph

It totally counts. I said so. SAY so. It counts. Go with it.

Comment by waltzinexile

I had the stomach flu this week and actually gained weight.

Comment by jodi

Yeaaaaaa…..? I can only assume this is GOOD NEWS because THAT’S WHAT I ASKED FOR.

Comment by waltzinexile

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