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29 December 2010, 4:23 pm
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Sorta blah being me these days.  Which is not to say I don’t have an awesome husband, and amazing kids, and the best friends EVER.  I do.  And I know it.  And I try to show how much I appreciate them.

I’m just…yeah.  Still that.  Whatever it is. Finding out today that I can no longer register for the Indy 1/2 marathon was a bummer.  And there’s all this other baggage that goes with not getting registered in time that makes it harder to shake off.  It’s not completely unshakeable, I just don’t feel like putting as much effort into it (the shaking) as it might take.

Wow.  That last sentence (no, not “Wow.”  The one before that) just sunk in.  Somebody cue the Matthew Sweet “Sick of Myself” for me, all right?

Screw it.  I’m shutting up now.  How about y’all just admire my new header?


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Feeling your pain. I’m still trying to come out of mine and BLAMMO! got rejected for a job I really really wanted today. Fuckers.

The new header’s awesome, though. Wish I could feel that twirly again.

Comment by Bejewell

STUPID fuckers, you mean. I can only assume that the universe has something really awesome in store for you, and that job would have been an obstacle. (What. I’m really good at the Pollyanna thing sometimes. FOR OTHER PEOPLE.)

And re: twirly girl – RIGHT?

Comment by waltzinexile

I’m feeling a burst of new energy these days and I wish I could lend some to you. Because, yeah. I’ve been in that place. I’ve been there, camped out there, and left permanent marks on the landscape. Forget shaking it off. Aim for a very light twitch here and there.

And, yeah, that new header is awesome. Although, reading Beej’s comment, it makes me wonder: which comes first, the twirl or the need to be twirly? Like, if you put on a twirly skirt and spin until you fall down, even if you don’t feel like it, does it automatically put you in a twirly mood?

I smell an experiment coming on…

Comment by Cherie

You ARE going to let me know the results of the experiment, yes? If I promise to take advantage of every light twitch I manage to achieve…?

Comment by waltzinexile

fate it telling you to buy a road bike

Comment by john

IS telling you, that is

Comment by john

If fate really wanted me to have one, it would BE here, wouldn’t it…?

Sent by my iPod

Comment by waltzinexile

Love the header! Couldn’t see it in the emailed version and forgot until now to go and check it out on the actual page. I love me some twirly girl. Still gonna swap you the EPD for her one of these days. Pinkness and all. xoxo

Comment by Marzie

Dear God, that is perfect — and I feel, a reflection of latent optimism. Oh come on, I smell it. You, with the running races and pretty pictures, looking all skinny in a strapless dress. Somewhere, not too far below the surface lurkes a potentially happy MSW, making changes, getting it done. It’s a new year, am I right?

Comment by jodi

I almost hesitate to say this now that it’s gone weight-loss commercial on me, but Nina sang it first, so: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and I’m feelin’ good. Damn skippy it’s a new year. It’s MY year. AND yours (I’m sharing.)

Comment by waltzinexile

P.S. I just look at that picture and hear swooshing.

Comment by jodi


Comment by waltzinexile

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