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11 January 2011, 1:09 am
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Yes, I know some of you have seen this already.
Yes, I know it’s unseemly to be so fond of a picture OF MYSELF.

Magically different from how it really was

The Photog was a GENIUS, I tell you

But I don’t normally like pictures of myself.  So, finally having one that I like, I sort of want to paper the world* with it.  And the thing I really like about it, aside from the photog making me look waycrazyprettier than I look in real life?  Is that at the time it was taken, I was actually having EVEN. MORE. FUN. than it looks like I’m having.**

*Apparently my world is damn small, and consists of a Facebook profile, and a blog with 4 readers.

**I KNOW.  The photographer was magical.


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Listen, I want to paper my world with this one*, because it is just that freakin-fantastic-awesome-made-of-win!!! 😀

*Of course, I also have half-a-dozen others of which I’m likewise enamored, displayed on my bulletin board and stored in a special file on my desktop for easy retrieval (you know, that folder full of Teh Happy).

Comment by GlamKitty

Oh, GlamKitty. I’m telling you, the farther removed I am from the picture, the more I like it. It’s baffling to me, except: MAGIC. It’s really the only thing that makes sense. Whatever. I’m good with that. (And I have a file of Teh Happy, too. Also, a photostrip. Or three.)

Comment by waltzinexile

OMGosh… now I have to clarify something! (Sheesh, re-reads are a bitch, aren’t they?) I was trying to say I have another half-dozen photos of YOU, all of which approximate the awesomeness of this one! (So, it’s an end to all the pix you don’t like of yourself, see?! :D)

Comment by GlamKitty

This picture makes me very happy. It makes me a little nostalgic, actually, because I haven’t had a time that made me laugh like that in forever. Also, I never look this good in photos.


See how I did that? How I somehow made a picture about you about me? It’s a gift, I tell you.

Dear photographer: come to my house with the happy drugs next.

Comment by Cherie

If you love it, you should go with it, babe. I like entirely too many photos of myself, and I’ve got the enormous Facebook profile picture library to prove it.

You look absolutely gorgeous. And I’m willing to bet you look that good pretty much all the time.


Comment by bejewell

Oh, beej. It’s cute how you think everyone’s as photo-ready as you. (P.S. I love all your FB pics!)

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Comment by waltzinexile

corey likey

Comment by wpofd

I think this picture is so you — even though I’ve never actually met you, in person, but this is the you I see when I read your writing: big smile, screaming, red-headed and strong.

Comment by jodi

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