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20 January 2011, 2:59 pm
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First item:

1/2 Marathon Training, W1D2*: 30 minutes of cross-training. Did this during my lunch break.  So far, so good.

Other than I want to eat ALL THE FOODS.

Item 2 / Over herd last weekend:

B, in full-on emo mode about why I won’t take her shopping: “…and we never even go on MUHCATION!”
Me: *stammers*
B, calm as Hindu cows: “I may be over-reacting.”

Item trois:

Had a weird, but sort of good, dream about Mom.  It would have been a great dream, except that halfway through, part of my brain did the mental equivalent of prairiedogging, and flashed “THIS IS A DREAM, DUMBASS” at me.  Kinda ruined it. I hate knowing that I’m dreaming, especially when it’s a wish fulfillment dream.  Sigh.


Seriously, ALL THE FOODS. I would eat a waffle right now, that’s how hungry I am.

(I hate waffles.)

(As a matter of fact,the last time I ate a waffle, I was preg—I’m shutting up now.)

Item the last:

Plea to real runners – tell me what the hell I’m supposed to be eating, and in what ratios, while training.  Because I’m all over the place with my appetite, calorie counts, etc.  (Also, did I mention ALL THE FOODS?  Seriously, the last time I ate like this, I was….well, hunh. Pi star ampersand dollar sign.)**


*Yeah, um, that was 3 days ago. Meant to post earlier but I’ve been busy staying in bed and being sad and pathetic (well, except for doing the designated training runs, I mean. I’m not quite so pathetic yet that I’ve give up on that.)  Don’t ask.  I’m over it.

**Never mind the snow emergency, I think I’m hiking up to CVS tonight to buy a plastic stick to pee on. π*&$

***This doesn’t actually correspond to anything above the line, I just wanted to throw it in at the very end, and this is the very end, so.  Anyone out there have any ideas about freelance opportunities for which I might be qualified, or need a part-time employee of the telecommuting sort?  I could really use a little extra money… All suggestions welcome!


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Who the FUCK doesn’t like waffles? I don’t even want to know you right now.

Comment by bejewell




Comment by waltzinexile

Sometimes you just need to pee on the stick, just so you can say, “So NOW THEN.” I understand.

Also, I’m with Beej. Waffles? They are bread product. Who doesn’t like a good bread product?

This is even more disturbing to me than the running.

Comment by Cherie

It’s like you people are TRYING to make me HUNGRIER. Why? Why would you do that? Why?

Comment by waltzinexile

so re: peeing on the stick — and…?

Comment by jodi

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