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25 January 2011, 5:20 pm
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Sunday morning on my way to the gym, I had to wait to turn at one intersection because otherwise I’d have run over a group of three men who were running.


It was 13 degrees outside.

Thanks to Thursday’s additional snowfall, the streets were icy, snowy AND slushy.  Yep.  A trifecta of winter ICK.

My first thought was “Oh, come on – get out of my way!” (I’m impatient. Sue me.)

Hot on the heels of that thought was “Are they worth 10 points each, or do I just get 25 for the group?

Followed by “You know, that’s INSANE.  Who runs outside in January?

And then “Oh, my, GOD.  I’m one of those crazy people**.

Yep. As of last Friday afternoon, I have been accepted into the local running club/training group for THIS.

Shit just got REAL, y’all.***


*That’s my confirmation number for the race registration.

**I actually ran outside with the training group Saturday morning.  It was SIX degrees Saturday morning.  This means: A) I’m even crazier than the Sunday noontime runners, & 2) My brain really cannot wrap itself around the idea that I’m one of these people yet.

***I know I sound ridiculous with the “y’all” but that was homage****, people.  Had to be done.

***Homage to what, you may ask?  In the interests of efficiency, I think I’ll wait until one of y’all ACTUALLY asks.


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I don’t have to ask. It was an homage to me. lolol

Comment by Steph

That does look like insanity. I think I would pass out from claustraphobia before the race even began 🙂

Comment by Natalie

Crazy doesn’t even begin to cover how awesome you are. 🙂

Comment by Marzie

Impressive, Waltz! I signed up recently to ride 50 miles against lymphoma in September in honor of a friend who has lymphoma. I, er, hate being on wheels. Anyway bet you’re happy for these spring-like temps!
Thanks for the sweet message in my inbox – it’s that kind of thing that lures me back to the blogging world…. maybe…..

Comment by Sus

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