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Hi!  I’ve gone by many names (and been called more than that) but here, for now, while I’m new to all this airing of information, I’m going to keep things pretty close to the vest and go by PB (for Parent B; which is not to indicate that my husband, Parent A, is in any way more involved with the kids than I am [actually, I hope we strike a nice balance].  It’s just that “PA” well, that should be the Dad’s moniker, no?)  And since I have no desire to type “my son” or “my daughter” all the time, the cast of kid characters is as follows: P2 (for Peter Parker) is my 6-year-old son, who is obsessed with convinced of the idea he can grow up to be Spider-Man.  And P3 (Pretty Pretty Princess) is his 3-year-old sister, who has amazing curly red hair and a not-so-amazing temperament to match.  Occasionally, I refer to my lovely children as “the goats” (for many reasons.  I may even tell you some of them sometime) so don’t be surprised if I interchangeably use P2 and Goat#1.  Rounding out the cast of misfits are MSF (Mean Stinky Feline) and the VinnieMan (the spooneristically fabulous name our kids gave the soccer-mom-mobile.)

As for the “exile” — well, read on for a bit.  You may get the feeling I’m not entirely happy with where we live.  In which case, pat yourself on the back, cuz you’re dead on.  It’s not forever, but it is my life.  For now.


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OMG, you are hysterical. Sam introduced your blog to me, and even though I can’t imagine being addicted to reading about someone elses life when I can barely keep ahead of my own, I ended up reading all of your entries and was laughing my ass off.

You get huge kudos from me for a) being a parent and b) sharing the experience. I completely happy having 4 legged children who can’t verbally talk back. Plus the 5 God kids that I have make up for any 2 legged longings I might have had.

Great job. I look forward to “witnessing” more of your lifes soundbites.


Comment by Anthony

Aw, shucks. Thanks for the kudos; it means a lot, especially since I’m just trying to survive this exile without feeling quite so alienated.

Comment by waltzinexile

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I, for one, am protesting the “A” and “B” designation. You birthed those babies for goodness sake, you deserve to be “A”! Do they wake up yelling, “Daaaddddyyyy”? Cuz mine sure don’t!

Comment by Stacy

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