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12 April 2012, 9:42 am
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Roundabout 2 years ago, I started a crazy (also, too, VERY LONG [and not remotely complete]) journey: to turn myself into a runner.  It absolutely made no sense. Honestly, it still makes no sense, and I’m training for my 2nd half-marathon.
It’s a complete cliche, but when I turned 40, I did a quick inventory, and thought “THIS? THIS IS IT?”   Middle-aged, stuck in middle America, and so middle-of-the-road average that I barely recognized myself? Continue reading

11 January 2011, 1:09 am
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Yes, I know some of you have seen this already.
Yes, I know it’s unseemly to be so fond of a picture OF MYSELF.

Magically different from how it really was

The Photog was a GENIUS, I tell you

But I don’t normally like pictures of myself.  So, finally having one that I like, I sort of want to paper the world* with it.  And the thing I really like about it, aside from the photog making me look waycrazyprettier than I look in real life?  Is that at the time it was taken, I was actually having EVEN. MORE. FUN. than it looks like I’m having.**

*Apparently my world is damn small, and consists of a Facebook profile, and a blog with 4 readers.

**I KNOW.  The photographer was magical.


I want to write, but I don’t have anything resembling a coherent post.  It’s all a jumbled bunch of crazy that I don’t even have time to flesh out into something comprehensible, let alone meaningful. (Which is not to say that I think I usually produce these fantastic universal nuggets of truth. I only mean that, usually, what I write has some meaning TO ME.  And what you’re about to see isn’t even going to be “laundry list” so much as “laundry pile.”  Well, forewarned is forearmed, or so I hear.  Onward!)

Continue reading

30 November 2010, 4:43 pm
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I think I told you that we had a family wedding recently…? When I say “we” I mean 75% of Waltz Family were actually members OF the wedding party.

Guess who got to be one of the flower girls…? Continue reading

18 February 2010, 12:44 am
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7 January 2010, 12:34 am
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No, Beej, the IO didn’t devour me. Tried to, but I prevailed.  Pretty much like the holiday season, come to think of it.  Yet I live to tell, so here I am.

This being a new year and a new decade and the year I turn the “new thirty,” I feel like starting fresh.  Of course, I’m about a week late, but there’s that “better…than never” adage for a reason, right?  Anyway, fresh.  I’m going to take the patented Waltz grocerypalooza approach to fresh, and go through the fridges and toss out all the old stuff first.  So this post is pretty much going to be a bunch of tupperware containers full of unidentifiably old leftovers that, if you’re smart, you don’t look at too closely and OH DEAR GOD DON’T OPEN THEM JUST TOSS THEM IN THE GARBAGE CAN.  Okay, a few items won’t be green and fuzzy and stinky and might have been worth saving to make a huge pot of soup or their own post or something but I just confused myself with my own metaphor so maybe it’s time to get started. Continue reading

1 December 2009, 3:12 pm
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This morning, like every weekday morning, I got the kids up and herded them downstairs and let them snuggle under blankets on the couch while I got their breakfast.

This morning, like almost every weekday morning, the television was tuned to the news, because I’d been up watching it and having coffee since the IO woke me up at 5:30.

This morning, unlike most weekday mornings, Goat #2 was wide awake and cheerful and giggly, and when I tucked her in, she said “Sofa children?”

This morning, like any morning when Goat #2 is in a playful mood, she made me laugh out loud and I nodded and agreed “Yes, sofa children.”

This morning, unlike any other morning, instead of smiling happily that I found her amusing, Goat #2 actually cackled with glee at me and yelled “Sofa Children!” like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard.

This morning, unlike most mornings, grumpy not-morning-goat Goat #1 laughed out loud, too, and exchanged a glance with Goat #2 over (what I thought was) her cleverness.

And then, this morning became like every other morning since Goat #1 was born, when he shattered my illusions* by saying “She wants a SHOW FOR CHILDREN, Mom.”

Like, DUH.


* Two days before Goat #1 was born, at what turned out to be my last prenatal appointment, the doctor affirmed a “very healthy 8 poundsish little girl to be born in about two weeks.”  Two days later, my 9 pound, 12 ounce boy made his debut.

P.S. I hate to finally post again without addressing the long absence, but we’ll consider that part of the theme today, shall we?  I simply had to share this; I have a zillion things I want to post/share/get out of my head, but they’ll have to hold just a bit longer.  However, I DID find my camera (poor maligned IO, accused of eating it) so I should be posting some very cute pictures soon, as well as dumping the contents of my scattered brain for (all seven of) you to enjoy.


I know, I know: I totally suck. I’m worse than Trannyhead; she’s at least growing another human being and has some excuse. Also, she included hawt seasonal Sumo pictures. I’m not even going to have any cute goat photos to distract you with, because I can’t find my camera.

I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve neglected YOUR blogs. My feed reader shows triple digit “new” posts. And when I tried to catch up a little bit today, the first thing I read was Steph’s great post about connecting with people via teh interwebz and I felt so effing bad I couldn’t continue. Also, fadkog and Auds have posted about thirty gajillion times since the last time I managed and now I’m overwhelmed with how far behind I’ve fallen and can’t write a word. Continue reading

Teacher’s Pet
2 September 2009, 1:20 pm
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Goat #1’s first assignment of the school year was to write some suggestions for a class pet.  I’m just going to let his homework speak for itself:

Can you say OVERACHIEVER…?

I’m guessing the child of two Type A parents doesn’t have much choice but to be so thorough.  Anyone else having fun with the back-to-school stuff?
***Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but the link above seems to go to a page with YET ANOTHER link on it, called “Teachers Pet” so just click that if you get there, too. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #106


It’s a Bones marathon.

Except for a brief intermission at 8:00 to speak to mah behbehz, I’ve been watching since 6:00. Maybe I should hop on Twitter and chat so I can at least feel somewhat social… (Demented and sad, but social.) (Quick: name the movie!)