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19 April 2012, 10:14 pm
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Sorry, too busy running all the time and eating ALL THE CARBS.  Throw in two little league players, one of whom is taking two dance classes (and therefore has two parts in the upcoming recital), and it’s almost not doable. Toss the puppy in the mix, and the boss who’s getting ready for trial, and well, I can barely hold my head up long enough to post this using my iPod.

But I swear I’m still back. Just…T minus 16 days until the race. Then I sorta get my life back.  Or at least a yoga class.


*tu vois ce que j’ai fait la? Je m’amuse toujours 🙂


11 January 2011, 1:09 am
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Yes, I know some of you have seen this already.
Yes, I know it’s unseemly to be so fond of a picture OF MYSELF.

Magically different from how it really was

The Photog was a GENIUS, I tell you

But I don’t normally like pictures of myself.  So, finally having one that I like, I sort of want to paper the world* with it.  And the thing I really like about it, aside from the photog making me look waycrazyprettier than I look in real life?  Is that at the time it was taken, I was actually having EVEN. MORE. FUN. than it looks like I’m having.**

*Apparently my world is damn small, and consists of a Facebook profile, and a blog with 4 readers.

**I KNOW.  The photographer was magical.

30 November 2010, 4:43 pm
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I think I told you that we had a family wedding recently…? When I say “we” I mean 75% of Waltz Family were actually members OF the wedding party.

Guess who got to be one of the flower girls…? Continue reading

18 February 2010, 12:44 am
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7 January 2010, 12:34 am
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No, Beej, the IO didn’t devour me. Tried to, but I prevailed.  Pretty much like the holiday season, come to think of it.  Yet I live to tell, so here I am.

This being a new year and a new decade and the year I turn the “new thirty,” I feel like starting fresh.  Of course, I’m about a week late, but there’s that “better…than never” adage for a reason, right?  Anyway, fresh.  I’m going to take the patented Waltz grocerypalooza approach to fresh, and go through the fridges and toss out all the old stuff first.  So this post is pretty much going to be a bunch of tupperware containers full of unidentifiably old leftovers that, if you’re smart, you don’t look at too closely and OH DEAR GOD DON’T OPEN THEM JUST TOSS THEM IN THE GARBAGE CAN.  Okay, a few items won’t be green and fuzzy and stinky and might have been worth saving to make a huge pot of soup or their own post or something but I just confused myself with my own metaphor so maybe it’s time to get started. Continue reading

1 December 2009, 3:12 pm
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This morning, like every weekday morning, I got the kids up and herded them downstairs and let them snuggle under blankets on the couch while I got their breakfast.

This morning, like almost every weekday morning, the television was tuned to the news, because I’d been up watching it and having coffee since the IO woke me up at 5:30.

This morning, unlike most weekday mornings, Goat #2 was wide awake and cheerful and giggly, and when I tucked her in, she said “Sofa children?”

This morning, like any morning when Goat #2 is in a playful mood, she made me laugh out loud and I nodded and agreed “Yes, sofa children.”

This morning, unlike any other morning, instead of smiling happily that I found her amusing, Goat #2 actually cackled with glee at me and yelled “Sofa Children!” like it was the funniest thing she’d ever heard.

This morning, unlike most mornings, grumpy not-morning-goat Goat #1 laughed out loud, too, and exchanged a glance with Goat #2 over (what I thought was) her cleverness.

And then, this morning became like every other morning since Goat #1 was born, when he shattered my illusions* by saying “She wants a SHOW FOR CHILDREN, Mom.”

Like, DUH.


* Two days before Goat #1 was born, at what turned out to be my last prenatal appointment, the doctor affirmed a “very healthy 8 poundsish little girl to be born in about two weeks.”  Two days later, my 9 pound, 12 ounce boy made his debut.

P.S. I hate to finally post again without addressing the long absence, but we’ll consider that part of the theme today, shall we?  I simply had to share this; I have a zillion things I want to post/share/get out of my head, but they’ll have to hold just a bit longer.  However, I DID find my camera (poor maligned IO, accused of eating it) so I should be posting some very cute pictures soon, as well as dumping the contents of my scattered brain for (all seven of) you to enjoy.

31 August 2009, 10:23 pm
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Tonight when I got home with the Goats, Goat #1 was so into his DS game that he stayed in the car after Goat #2 and I came in the house.  He didn’t come in for almost 15 minutes, so I was in the kitchen still getting dinner underway when he finally came in the back door.  When he did, he was holding his right arm at a weird angle, with his DS case sort of tucked against his body with his elbow.  He said “My arm really hurts, and I don’t know why!”

I thought he must have a weird cramp from carrying his case so awkwardly.  So I took his case from him, and set it on the counter.  As soon as I had the case, he tried to straighten his arm out, and started yelping.  Silly me, I thought “That’s one awful cramp for a 40 foot walk…Continue reading

31 July 2009, 4:26 pm
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You know the thing I’m discovering about motherhood? Those hard and fast rules I made for myself? Not really so hard and fast. I find myself changing my mind a lot, actually.

The latest example? My insistence on proper vocabulary and word use, which I really thought was a stellar idea: Continue reading

Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #106


It’s a Bones marathon.

Except for a brief intermission at 8:00 to speak to mah behbehz, I’ve been watching since 6:00. Maybe I should hop on Twitter and chat so I can at least feel somewhat social… (Demented and sad, but social.) (Quick: name the movie!)

Liveblogging: Goat-free Hour #106

Just spent a very tense 5 minutes thinking Seely Booth was actually dead (or, in the words of Goat Daddy: “They killed the Angel FBI guy?”)  Thank goodness he’s actually fine.

What.  Yes I know he’s pretend.  Don’t judge me.

So it’s been a little crazy ’round here, even sans chevres.  Probably just that whole having a job thing (I’m still getting used to it.)  It is pretty nice to get up in the morning and only feed one person (um, me) breakfast, dress one person, pack one person’s lunch, brush one person’s teeth, brush one person’s hair… You get the idea.  Also, not doing goat drop-off means it takes me about 7 minutes to get to work.  (It’s reminiscent of Nannypalooza 2008, actually. Including the eerie quiet when I get home. Except — the house is exactly like I left it. Nice! But weird.)

We’ve talked to the goats every day since they left, except for yesterday (at 10:00, we decided that we weren’t waiting for them to call, and called them instead, only to find out they were already asleep in anticipation of a trip to Amish country today. I did talk to Goat Cousin, though, who made a point of telling me how well-behaved they were, and “an absolute joy” to have around, and “you’re really raising them right,” which was lovely [and unprecedented] to hear.)

Monday night when we talked to them, they had zero interest in talking to us. Probably because they were out at Meadow’s, having frozen custard with Grandma (which I’ve since found out is happening daily.) They assured us they were having fun and hung up on us as soon as they could get away. After Goat Daddy put the phone down, he looked at me and said “They don’t miss us at. all.” I just laughed; I’m totally good with that. I don’t want them homesick and bawling; I want them to have fun! (And let’s face it: if your options were the same old routine with Mom & Dad, who almost never take you out for frozen custard, OR hanging out with Grandma and cousins and going to ballgames and riding a tractor and having frozen custard every day? You’d choose Grandma, too. For a little while, at least.)

So they’re having fun, and being good, and eating too much junk food. And I’m watching too much TV, and sleeping like it’s my job, and just enjoying life in Exile at DEFCON 4 (I’m too paranoid to get all the way down to 5.) So far, so good.

We’ll see how much longer I can enjoy life without mah behbehz here. Today I couldn’t find one of my own hair elastics so I wore one of Goat #2’s; it made me smile. Missing them, but not homesick and bawling (yet. I can totally see myself sobbing over the same “hayr thang” right about Hour #240. [Bet you can’t wait to read about that, huh?])