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26 September 2008, 9:51 pm
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The goats are all settled down for their Friday night movie time in Goat #1’s room, and the DVD is still showing previews when Goat #2 bursts into the office, so excited she’s tripping over her own feet, to ask me: “Mama? Mama, can I have dat Polly Pocket moobie? I loooooooove dat Polly Pocket!”

And I think to myself, Hmmmm. There are worse things she could be asking for. And I am a little tired of Dora….

So I say to her: “Well, we’ll have to talk to Daddy, but MAYBE.”

And she says, “Oh, THANK YOU MAMA!” and runs back to Goat #1’s room, ecstatic.

And I’m thinking, She’s really happy for a little kid who just got a very noncommittal “maybe” out of her Mama…

And then I hear her tell Goat #1, with much excitement: “I just asked Mama for dat moobie, and she said MAYBE!”

And Goat #1 says, skeptically, “Do you know what ‘maybe’ means?”

And Goat #2 shouts gleefully, “Dat means YES!”


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Ah, the power of positive thinking. I’d put money on her having the Polly Pocket movie before the weekend’s over.

Comment by bejewell

Awwwww. That lovely, “glass-half-full” view of youth! For Goat #2, Maybe = yes! For me, maybe = OHMEEEGAWWW WE ALL MIGHT BE DOOOOOMED.

Must better channel Goat #2…. 😉

Comment by lesleykim

Kids. They totally own us!

Comment by foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I always thought maybe meant “No, but I don’t want to deal with a meltdown right now.” I am doomed when I have kids. Can I practice on yours?

I will drop them off tomorrow.

Comment by Heather

When Auntie Kee says maybe it usually means yes, Auntie Kee is pretty indulgent but occasionally a commitment-phobe since she doesn’t like breaking promises to Niecey. All that happiness how could you possibly resist getting her that DVD, lol.

Comment by Karen

FADKOG is right…OWNED, totally and completely.

Thankfully, my 18 year old knows that when I say maybe, its usually NO! And just think, it’s only going to take me another 15.3 years to get that through to the Little Imp!

Comment by Auds at Barking Mad

Lily hangs her head and skulks away muttering, “…that usually means no..”.

Comment by Stacy

not one night ago, i swear to you, the Giant Four Year Old said the same thing to his older sisters. who both agreed, albeit halfheartedly, by saying, most of the time…

Comment by mspickettoyou

Brilliant. Really.

Comment by EKT

Ah… maybe. I remember when maybe meaned Yes… now that i’m a teenager maybe has taken on the no role now…

Comment by Former Goat Nanny

Mindee Sue, I’m so glad to be back among you and your goats! I have missed you!

Comment by Kelli

Optimism or classical conditioning? Hmmm.

Comment by Bronson Page

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